Fashion trends are always changing, and it can be difficult to keep up with all the new styles and what the next big thing will be. Luckily, when you shop Beehive, you can be sure that you will always find clothes that are stylish, comfortable, and affordable. We offer and extensive collection of women’s clothing in a variety of styles, making it easy to find something you’ll love. Want to make sure you’re on top of the trends this spring? Continue reading below to learn more about the top spring fashion trends, and explore our website to find gorgeous spring clothes for women!



An image of a woman wearing the Santorini Dress from Beehive.


After the dark and dreary winter months, it’s time to bring a little color to the world, and a great way to do that is with your clothes! This spring, one of the biggest fashion trends is pastels. Say goodbye to black and gray clothing, and hello to soft and chic pastel colors that you can easily pair with just about anything. Consider buying a top in a beautiful baby blue or a light yellow pair of shorts. When you explore Beehive’s collection of spring clothes for women, you can even find our pastel pink Santorini Dress that is perfect for your collection of pastels.




An image of a woman wearing the Carolina Top from Beehive.

Crop Tops

During the cold months of winter, it makes sense that everyone is adding layers of clothing to try and keep warm, but now that spring has arrived, you can trade in some of those layers for more trendy clothing. This spring, crop tops are taking the world by storm. Find a cropped graphic tee that shows off your nerdy side or explore Beehive’s collection to find gorgeous crop tops such as our Carolina Top. 






An image of a woman wearing the Azalea Blouse in pink from Beehive.

Puffy Sleeves

 Puffy sleeves have been laying dormant for years, but this spring, they’re finally making a comeback! One of the most unique spring trends this year is the puffy sleeve, and you can find this fun feature added to just about any type of clothing. Whether you choose to wear a jacket with puffy sleeves, a sundress that features puffy sleeves, or a fun top that has the iconic puffy sleeves, you can’t go wrong! Explore Beehive’s collection of spring clothing for women to find a variety of clothing items featuring puffy sleeves, including the Azalea Blouse.





An image of a woman wearing the South Beach Pants from Beehive.

Statement Pants

Say goodbye to boring pants and hello to the newest statement piece on the block! Instead of reaching for your favorite pair of jeans or yet another pair of black pants, consider breaking out a bold and wild pair of pants that are sure to make a statement. You can choose a pair of patterned pants or simply a brightly colored pair of pants such as the South Beach Pants from Beehive. Regardless of what you choose, you’re sure to make a statement as you strut your stuff down the street.


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